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Mathematics for the World of Tomorrow!

Industrial Mathematics for Intelligent Systems and the World of Tomorrow!

I am delighted to develop this ambitious and intriguing project for Fraunhofer MEVIS, together with mathematicians, and with a great teacher team in cooperation with remarkable colleagues from the University of Bremen.

The #MOIN Campus–Nachbarschaft–Sichtbarkeit (which translates as #MOIN Campus—Neighbourhood—Visibility) sub-project aims to improve the reputation of mathematics among the public and to communicate the benefits of mathematics to young people and their teachers in particular. 

We are working together to contextualize mathematics and its indispensability in our everyday life, for instance in tomorrow’s medicine. Jointly with Fraunhofer MEVIS great partner, the Gymnasiale Oberstufe der Oberschule am Waller Ring, we aim to attract prospective university students from diverse backgrounds.


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