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Dance Performance

“Experience is only half of human existence. The other half is what hasn't been experienced, yet. Experience and possibilities are twins. Maybe the dance lives from raising these kids.”
Saburo Teshigawara

Exploring Body Language at the Intersection of Real and Virtual World

Kami Outside. Copyright Hofmann and Klatt



Video: Self – dance performance, beta version from the studio. Dancer: Bianka Hofmann; Moving Sensitive Software: Kami-ARizuki; Music: S-Elf, Trio Elf.


​Create Free, Conscious, Lively Effects as Moving Artwork

“I'm not interested in how people move, but what moves them.”
Pina Bausch

Dancer and project developer for the usage of a moving sensitive software Kami Arizuki, including UX interaction concept, which allowed dancers to enhance their body appearance visually. It was the result of cooperation with the software architect Alexander Köhn in 2011. In several experimental settings together with performance dancers trained by Matthias Früh we explored the requirements and built a user interface to create different presets for the visual enhancements, the so called Kami.


The resulting exhibition “Jetzt ist ein anderes Jetzt” in cooperation with the photographer Hannah Klatt offered visitors the screening of my dance performance SELF and three moments: static experimental photographs; photographs that were brought into a state of movement and expanded into a virtual reality; and finally the appearance of the visitors themselves, who could virtually enhance their bodies, showing live at a wall, through their movements.


Kaminized photograph film: Freiheit: Stahltreppe, Flughafen

by Bianka Hofmann and Hannah Klatt; with Kyushu Kami

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