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Thanks to Bianka, I have gained a new appreciation of the mutual benefits of art and science.
Ina Conradi; ​Artist, Educator

Bianka ...

   ... cares so deeply about facilitating meaningful interdisciplinary connections. Her advocacy for my artistic position and process within the scientific domain was incredibly encouraging and allowed me to witness the impact of my work in this field truly. I’ve never met anyone as passionate about facilitating interdisciplinary educational exchanges!
Eli Joteva; Artist, Researcher

   ... exemplifies for me the profound linkages between arts and sciences, between both sides of the brain, between education in STEAM and making the world a better place internationally. She leads from the front. 
Peter Samuelson; Chief Executive Officer at PhilmCo Media

   ... impressed me with her project development skills in the preparation of the project "STEAM Imaging," an artist-in-residence opportunity combined with a STEAM workshop, intertwining this with the successful in-house workshops in order to create STEAM experimental workshops, including media art is an organizational and communicational masterstroke. 
Claudia Schnugg; ArtScience Consultant, Researcher, Curator

 ... has a talent for making things happen! Her involvement in the project transformed the scope and allowed our team to push new limits beyond our expectations. 
Barney Steel; Founder Marshmallow Laser Feast

   ... was responsible for the great 3-D visualizations as producer of the heart and blood circulation - and these applications are very popular with our visitors. We were particularly pleased with the reliable and competent communication and her enthusiasm for the cause.
Christoph Kremer; Museum Director Ars Electronica Center

   ... has been invaluable with her knowledge and imaginative use of different channels of communication and her help in ensuring we presented our project well at the prestigious international Ars Electronics Festival. Her understanding of our own main focus, relations between the arts and sciences, and her breadth of knowledge in our own primary subjects gave our team the confidence we needed to undertake this exciting project. 
Colin Sanderson; Director of the Artiscience Library


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