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Experiential SciArt



Production of an 2D, and stereoscopic 3D immersive installations


DirectingWriting, and Science Consulting for the documentary  

"We Flow Into The World And The World Flows into Us — The Beauty Of Blood Flow" for Fraunhofer MEVIS.

Behind-the-scenes film on the series of audio-immersive and VR installations, concluding an innovative art, science, and technology collaboration on the human body.

I'm thrilled to be developing and leading science-art collaborations for and with organizations, companies, and artists that produce vivid outcomes! There are many reasons for integrating artists and their practices into companies and scientific research organizations. For example, to realize scientifically inspired artworks, exhibitions, and accompanying educational events. The collaboration between Fraunhofer MEVIS and the London-based artist Barney Steel from artists' collective Marshmallow Laser Feast yielded the artworks 'The Tides Within Us' and 'EVOLVER.' This collaboration is an excellent example that showed us how to widen our horizons regarding what is possible in media art and science engagement!


Find more about science-art projects that serve further aspects of an organization's mission.


Director and Science & Art Producer of the installation “Digital Medicine, Arts, and STEAM: BEFORE US LIES ETERNERDY,” jointly with Alexander Köhn and Mathias Neugebauer

Immersive stereoscopic 3D & large-scale 2D installation

The work launched in 2018 as an artistic, large-scale immersive experience in the stereoscopic 3D theatre Deep Space 8K at the Ars Electronica Center, Linz, Austria, and simultaneously at the Media Art Nexus MAN at NTU Singapore.

Understanding and negotiating complex issues in digital medicine require expertise, time, and dedication. But who is developing new technological possibilities, telling their stories, and shaping the medical future? The installation is based on reflections about researchers and their curiosity and creativity in dealing with issues that can only be penetrated through technical, scientific, and mathematical understanding. The work shows a floating human body and looks into an organ down to a layer of tissue that, when magnified, reveals itself as the space-like environment with star-like lights in which the body floats.


The project shows different scales of the human body, from digitized microscopic lymphoma tissue examined with the molecular cytogenetic technique Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) to detect abnormal changes in DNA to 3D reconstructions of two vessel systems of a liver for patient-individual surgery planning as well as a whole-body MRI.

Immersive, interactive, and artistic experiences enable emotional, positive engagement with digital medicine and required STEM sciences. The goal is to add educational programs to scientifically informed art exhibitions and engage diverse audiences in the wonders of the human body and the constructive possibilities of new technologies.

Artist: Bianka Hofmann, Alexander Köhn, Mathias Neugebauer; Fraunhofer MEVIS (DE). In cooperation with Ina Conradi and Mark Chavez, MAN, (SG)

Recognized the second year in a row by the scientific documentary industry: winning the “Industry Award for Best Infographic” at the Raw Science Film Festival 2019 in Los Angeles.

Credits: Directors and Science & Art Producer: Bianka Hofmann, Alexander Köhn, Mathias Neugebauer; Scientific Advice: Henning Höfener, Andre Homeyer; Sound: David Black; Fraunhofer MEVIS. In cooperation with Ina Conradi and Mark Chavez, Media Art Nexus, Nanyang Technological University Singapore; Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) data kindly provided by ZytoVision; special thanks to Volker Diehl, Jochen Hirsch, Julian Haase, and Dagmar Weiß



Director and Science & Art Producer of the installation “Beauty of Blood Flow Analysis,” jointly with Alexander Köhn and Mathias Neugebauer

Immersive installation for 2D, stereoscopic 3D, or 360° hemisphere-dome


 “Beauty of Blood Flow Analysis” is based on new research and technologies in digital medicine and conveys emerging possibilities for gaining knowledge and making predictions about the human body. The work allows the audience to witness the swirling flow of blood in the heart and gives an idea of the steadiness of the heartbeat.

Driven by awe and curiosity, this project fuses technological prowess, art, and science. By looking at the flowing blood, various diseases can be detected; for example, turbulent vortices indicate a heart valve malfunction.
The starting point was exclusively real medical data for the dynamic reconstruction of the blood flow of a healthy human heart, recorded at the MR laboratory of Fraunhofer MEVIS. Specially developed imaging techniques allow the local flow of motion to be depicted in the MR images. The highly detailed 4D flow data were processed with a rapid prototyping development platform for medical imaging. To capture the complex temporal and spatial distribution of blood flow, special algorithms extracted 4D flow paths along which coloured particle trajectories were visualised. The movements of the particles show the flow during the heartbeat and illustrate the speed and flow direction of the blood.

Modern MR technology enables the acquisition of highly detailed 4D flow data. New flow visualisation imaging techniques are being integrated into diagnostic software so that physicians can see how blood flow changes due to heart disease without the use of a catheter.


Artists: Bianka Hofmann, Alexander Köhn, Mathias Neugebauer; Fraunhofer MEVIS (DE)

The short film received the Industry Award for Best Immersive Media at the Raw Science Film Festival, California. January 2018.

Credits: Directors and Science & Art Producer: Bianka Hofmann, Alexander Köhn, Mathias Neugebauer; Scientific Advisor: Anja Hennemuth; Sound: David Black; Fraunhofer MEVIS (DE)

Images: ETERNERDY, Copyright Quek Jia Liang, (left and right), 360 half dome edit Beauty of Blood Flow Analysis, Copyright Fraunhofer MEVIS, Beayuty of Blood Flow, Copyright Marshmallow Laser Feast

ETERNERDY at MAN, Singapore,  Copyright Quek Jia Liang.jpg
Immersive Instllation Beauy of Blood Flow Analysis, Copyright Fraunhofer


Production of an Interactive Hands-On Installations


Production of an Art Installation Explaining the Function of the Brain

Project development of the project “Poking Florian,” an interactive installation produced in 2013, based on a furniture sized one, realized at Fraunhofer MEVIS in 2011, exploring 3D print material and analog-digital interfaces.

By touching the dots on Florian’s brain, the nerve fibers appear on the iPad and show which part of his body is controlled by them.




Production of an Interactive Hands-On Exhibit


Project development of the project “Image Man,” a life-size figure that comprises ten segments produced at Fraunhofer MEVIS in 2015 for the Universum Science Center Bremen.


At the center of the installation is a touch screen showing the beating heart. By touching, visitors can interactively navigate through the results of different imaging methods. The body parts depicted on the segments were produced with different imaging methods.

Images: Poking Florian, Image Man, Copyright Fraunhofer MEVIS

Interactive Exhibit Image Man at the Universum Science Center, Bremen, Copyright Fraunhofer MEVIS
Interactive Exhibit Poking Florian, Copyright Fraunhofer MEVIS
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