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Holding the ‘Digital’ in Medicine to Account

I am delighted to welcome Fiona Smith, 5th creator in residence at the STEAM Imaging program, hosted by Fraunhofer MEVIS, jointly with Design Informatics, University of Edinburgh, promoted by Ars Electronica. The residency program that I lead examines topics in digital medicine critically, jointly with selected partners. It enables young creatives to realize a project at the interface of art, technology, and science with MEVIS experts. Within this collaborative learning process, students from the partner school SZ Walle are involved in a jointly developed STEAM workshop.

Fiona Smith is currently undertaking a PhD in the UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Biomedical AI at the University of Edinburgh. I feel privileged to support Fiona with my colleagues at Fraunhofer MEVIS. I am looking forward to seeing the outcome, a STEAM Workshop in Bremen, and an artwork exhibition and associated events at Inspace Gallery next year at the Edinburgh Science Festival!

Image Copyright: Fraunhofer MEVIS


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