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Transformative Spaces: Science-Art Residencies

Friday, 5 April 2024, 18:00-20:00, as part of the 2024 Edinburgh Science Festival.

I am delighted to have been part of the panel and discussion on how artists, scientists, and school students created an innovative science engagement space to explore the promises and challenges of AI in future healthcare!

The panel was followed by a drinks reception in Inspace Gallery, opening the extraordinary exhibition ‘The BOX’, the outcome of the creator-in-residence program STEAM Imaging V. 

This panel took place at Informatics Forum and brought together Fiona Smith (Creator-in-residence), Matthias Günther and Bianka Hofmann (Fraunhofer MEVIS) and Caterina Mouruzzi and Nicola Osborne (Institute for Design Informatics, University of Edinburgh), to give insights into the “STEAM Imaging V” residency.

It was a fantastic reception and opening at Inspace Gallery and a great start to open up meaningful conversations about diversity and justice in AI in healthcare. It has been a true delight working with exceptional creator, doctor, and scientist Fiona Smith! The interactive installation The BOX can be experienced from the 5th to the 19th of April at Inspace Gallery as part of the 2024 Edinburgh Science Festival.

The BOX is the outcome of the creators-residency STEAM Imaging V, which I design and lead, hosted by Fraunhofer MEVIS in collaboration with the International Fraunhofer Talent School Bremen, the Schulzentrum Walle in Bremen, and the Institute for Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh, supported by Ars Electronica

Image Credits: Photography by @Chris-Scott



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