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We Flow into the World, and the World Flows into Us — The Beauty of Blood Flow

Behind-the-scenes film on the series of audio-immersive and VR installations

Concluding an innovative art, science, and technology collaboration on the human body.

Image: Copyright Marshmallow Laser Feast

I'm thrilled to be developing and leading science-art collaborations for and with organizations, companies, and artists that produce vivid outcomes! There are many reasons for integrating artists and their practices into companies and scientific research organizations. For example, to realize scientifically inspired artworks, exhibitions, and accompanying educational events. The collaboration between Fraunhofer MEVIS and the London-based artist Barney Steel from artists' collective Marshmallow Laser Feast yielded the artworks 'The Tides Within Us' and 'EVOLVER.' This collaboration is an excellent example that showed us how to widen our horizon of what is possible in media art and science engagement! Matthias Guenther Alexander Köhn

Watch the documentary:

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