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Delighted that the immersive sciart project THE TIDES WITHIN US by MARSHMALLOW LASER FEAST, which I lead at the scientific partner Fraunhofer MEVIS, found its way into the compelling book IMAGINING IMAGING by radiologist Michael R. Jackson. "Blending a unique mix of art, science, and medical history, together with aspects of visual neurophysiology and psychology, Imagining Imaging is essential reading for radiologists, radiographers, and artists alike. "

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"This is something I try to draw out in the book, in the same way, that art obviously has multiple different media that an artist might employ to convey a message, we are trying to tease out what the message is through these modalities to make sense of what is going on with a patient, and in doing so, no single image might be the answer."

Michael R. Jackson

Read more about the author Michael R Jackson in this interview by Colin Sanderson :

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