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Eight School Topics – one Subject: Digital Medicine

Fifteen students, nine teachers, and four scientists kicked off a solidified collaboration!

An ongoing cross-cultural, inter-, and transdisciplinary project between a German Research Institute and a local school. In this session, teachers from eight different subject areas at Schulzentrum Walle were encouraged to see how they might integrate questions about digital medicine into their field. Furthermore, the catchment of Walle has students from a wide range of cultural and language backgrounds.

With this partnership, Fraunhofer MEVIS wants to promote the talents and gifts of prospective high school graduates from the Walle district of Bremen, inspire them to study STEM subjects, and accompany them on their way to university and into research. The district is one of the disadvantaged areas in Bremen in socio-economic terms and has an above-average proportion of citizens with an immigrant background. Walle’s high school graduation rate is also well below the Bremen average. Children from non-academic households, disproportionately represented in the Walle district, are less likely to study and less likely to reach the next level of education. In addition, there is often a lack of role models in their own families to show them ways to study and encourage them to make this decision.

Image Copyright. Bianka Hofmann, Fraunhofer MEVIS


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