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Conference: Art and Science at the Ars Electronica Festival 2017 | Talk and panel

Dialog-oriented Sci-Comm: From "STEAM Imaging" to "Whose Scalpel" - An Artist-in-Residency including pupils - conclusion of my talk.

From the perspective of the scientific organization.

Scientists can contribute to developing utopias neither dystopias nor promises of technological salvation. Scientific organizations could host cross-disciplinary, intergenerational platforms to deal with the impact of new technologies at an early stage. STEAM Imaging, Fraunhofer MEVIS' residency project which involved pupils, was our latest exploration in accomplishing this.

We need to expand our reception of reality in our research teams, not only regarding expertise like art, ethics, philosophy, but also the spectrum of participants to include the next generation, women and people of color. A goal in our sci-comm is to create projects in which scientists contextualize their expertise and research in a broader sense and become inspired to relate facts, empirical data, and science to humanities, social realities, and values.

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