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Mentoring the Artist Yen Tzu Chang

Mentoring the artist Yen Tzu Chang from March to September 2017. Yen Tzu Chang was the recipient of the residency STEAM imaging which I designed and led with Sabrina Haase. The residency was jointly hosted by Fraunhofer MEVIS and Ars Electronica. It connected computer-assisted medicine with education and art. The Taiwanese media artist, whose previous works have included experimental sound performances and who specializes in creating customized electronic instruments, had a unique opportunity to work closely together with the institute’s research staff. The project included a series of encounters which brought the artist, a group of Fraunhofer MEVIS scientists, and pupils from Bremen, Germany, and Linz, Austria together in cooperation with the International Fraunhofer Talent School Bremen. We designed this residency to explore the interplay of science, tech, and art to stimulate critical dialog about and implementation of new technology within society. The aim was to foster the engagement with and ownership of future technology. We wanted to reach pupils with STEM topics (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) who are interested in art and raise awareness about the role of math, physics, and foremost computer science and programming in society. Also, enhancing the artist-in-residence program by involving pupils should contribute to the development of new occupational fields for artists.

Image Copyright Fraunhofer MEVIS

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