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Navigating the Postdigital – How Arts & Sciences Shape Our Future

I had the extraordinary pleasure of having a panel discussion with Barney Steel from Marshmallow Laser Feast at the conference “Navigating the Postdigital – How Arts & Sciences Shape Our Future” curated by Eva Fischer.

If we want to root the digital transformation within human and social needs, we need to merge digital and physical skills.

Human-centered tech is connected with a “return of the physically real” and needs meaningful concepts to merge physically with digital creative learning practice, rooted within body experiences, linked to our essential cognitive, perceptual and emotional modalities.

Play is a powerful approach to learn, change, adapt, and be open to new skills and knowledge. The arts and AR&VR can ease access to intrinsic playful behavior. Basic principles of life and nature can be learned and rooted in a very physical way. Marshmallow Laser Feast has raised the bar for meaningful VR to an entirely new level, their work is pure poetry to me.

Image Copyright: Claudio Farkasch /

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