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Flesh and Voxel: Making Sense of Medical Images | UCLA

Design and realization of a workshop and talk: "Flesh and Voxel: Making Sense of Medical Images | STEM TO STEAM."

Talk about the potential of connecting scientific expertise and artistic creativity to mold the future. With the pilot artist-in-residence project called STEAM Imaging, I designed for Fraunhofer MEVIS, the scientific disciplines were departed beyond knowledge silos, and not only an artistic approach but also school students were integrated. I see involving the young generation as a chance for tran-sdisciplinarity. Why and how did we realize this residency in a software oriented, applied research institution and what are the aims for the future?

My colleagues Sabrina Haase and Alexander Köhn gave an introduction to the tool Inside Insight for pupils to interact with medical data in an artistical way and into MeVisLab, a powerful rapid development & prototyping platform for medical image processing. From algorithms to applications: basic medical image processing algorithms, sample application, prepared networks, more complex scenarios and visualization techniques, and: how to use it as an artistic tool.

Image Copyright Victoria Vesna

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