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Get your ticket for a special virtual tour at #arselectronica20 on Sat 12.09. 12:00 CEST

It's a great pleasure to be part of the panel to present THE TIDES WITHIN US . The tour takes you on a journey into the human body, a panel discussion & #audienceengagement with artists from @marshmallowlf & scientists from @FraunhoferMEVIS #digitalmedicine

Barnaby Steel from Marshmallow Laser Feast, in collaboration with Matthias Günther, Sabrina Haase, Bianka Hofmann, Alexander Köhn, and Hanne Ballhausen from Fraunhofer MEVIS, will take us on a unique trip into the human body. We will look behind the scenes, showing how artists and scientists benefit from their collaboration and advance their practices. We start the tour at the MEVIS MRI lab and then peek into the MLF workflow, where medical data feeds an artistic vision.

The partners have been working on a long-term collaboration entitled “The Tides Within Us.” This project aims to challenge the notion of the boundary between our bodies and our environment. “The Tides Within Us” is due to premiere in the UK at a major art event during autumn 2020. After the Q&A, the audience will engage in a hands-on session with scientists, using the web-based tool Insight Inside and interact with medical images using their computers.

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