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Quantum Logos discussed at FUTURE DESIGN SpecialCLIMATE CHANGE – Symposium and Film Festival

23 - 26 July 2020

"The best way to predict the future is to shape it ourselves"

The symposium and film festival is a worldwide unique and radical approach that aims at critically reflecting upon our current state of knowledge and possible future scenarios.

Developing alternative artistic styles to communicate science – How can we visually represent and communicate the fragile, and counterintuitive design of the quantum universe to the layperson? Artists and designers utilize visual metaphors that explore, discover, and examine contradictions in human communication and existence.

It was an intriguing process to explore the topic of Quantum Technology and be part as creative producer, project developer and science communicator together with director Mark Chavez, executive producer Ina Conradi, sci-commer Bob Kastner, expert in quantum physics Rupert Ursin and sound designer Tate Egon Chavez.

Mark Chavez speak at the symposium on Quantum Logos.

Quantum Logos (vision serpent) - an immersive, reactive audiovisual experience and short animated film that explores the fundamentals of quantum theory expressed through aesthetic design archetypes.


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