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Quantum Logos at Fission - The New Wave of International Digital Art

Am thrilled: The interactive installation Quantum Logos is exhibited in the Fission: The New Wave of International Digital Art!

Guizhou Provincial Museum 29/4/22-31/8/22

Curated by Birgitta Hosea, Zhang Xiaotao, Li Fei

Featuring 44 international digital media artists, 54 works of art and covering 2200 square metres, this is Guizhou Province’s first international exhibition of digital art. The works cover a range of techniques, disciplines and approaches including interactive media, virtual reality, robotics, immersive installations, experimental animation, artificial intelligence and archaeological visualisation.

It was an intriguing process to explore the topic of Quantum Technology and be part as creative producer, project developer and science communicator together with director Mark Chavez, executive producer Ina Conradi, sci-commer Bob Kastner, expert in quantum physics Rupert Ursin and sound designer Tate Egon Chavez.


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