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A new approach to explore the social implications and ethical consequences of R&D


Registration for the symposium open until October 7 by e-mail

I have initiated and developed the cooperation for Fraunhofer MEVIS with the ifs internationale filmschule köln, and the Foundation for STEM-Entertainment-Education-Excellence (MINTEEE). We organize jointly a two-day event in Cologne, dedicated to the topic "Artificial Intelligence in Fiction and Reality."

To negotiate science to achieve real understanding and advance and benefit society requires rethinking the formats, scientists use to interact with the public and the media. The further contextualization of R&D through art and fiction is an essential step to explore the conscious development and handling of new tech and its influence on society. We aim to support developing scientifically correct and socially relevant stories that also appeal to “not STEM affine” target groups and to young people. Besides, we engender debate among scientists to question what they perceive in their work as noteworthy and successful and gaining clarity, and sense concerning our R&D.

We started this endeavor with hands-on workshops to sensitize scientists for the requirements of fictional substances and follow up with a hands-on workshop for future filmmakers, giving insights into STEM topics, to stimulate socio-critical scientifically relevant series ideas using the example of AI in medicine.

Science Meets Fiction

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