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Bianka Hofmann

Integrating Science & Art for Production, Co-creation, Knowledge Transfer & Innovation

Engage the Public

Creating Artistically Charged Experiences on Significant Topics

Strengthening scientific literacy by encouraging people from diverse backgrounds to engage meaningfully with science and tech whilst having memorable emotional experiences.

Development and production of new formats for complex content for universities, research institutions, museums, companies and NGOs, including cross-sectoral workshops, interactive exhibits, short films, and immersive digital experiences (2D, 3D, 360°).

Image: Kids interacting with a stereoscopic 3D immersive installation produced for the 3D theatre Deep Space, in Austria, on AI in medical imaging.

Kids 3D AI Fun in the Deep Space 8K at Ars Electronica Center, Copyright Fraunhofer MEVIS

Contextualize Complex Topics and Science


Involving the Next Generation, the Arts and Humanities


Examining the impact of new technology on individuals and society. Expanding activities where new developments meet the arts, humanities, and fiction to explore post-disciplinary approaches and co-creation. Aiming to realize formats that engage businesses, disadvantaged communities, scientists, and artists. Involving aspiring first-in-family-academics, promoting self-efficacy, active co-development and lifelong learning.

Image: At the 'STEAM Imaging' workshop, Copyright Martin Hieslmair
'STEAM Imaging' workshop, Copyright Martin Hieslmair

Reveal the Value

Bringing a Sense of Awe and Artistry

Focusing on the unique strengths of companies and organizations. Seeking to understand deeply their expertise, technologies, and what differentiates them. Considering what drives the agents and providing cost-conscious solutions.

Aiming to reveal the specific value of new developments, services, and products and making the results accessible to the public - Awakening curiosity to understand the true innovation shaping our lives.

Image: The 360 half dome immersive installation shows blood flow in the heart, Copyright Fraunhofer MEVIS

Immersive Instllation Beaty of Blood Flow,  by Fraunhofer MEVIS team, Copyright Fraunhofer
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