Engage the Public

Create Encounter & Experiences

Encourage people to engage with science and tech having emotional memorable experiences.

Developing content and formats for universities, research institutions, museums, and companies including 2D and stereoscopic 3D short-films, 360° immersive digital experiences, and interactive exhibits.

Image: The ETERNERDY at Media Art Nexus, Singapore,  Copyright Quek Jia Liang

Reveal the Value

Bringing a Sense of Awe and Artistry

Focusing on the unique strengths of companies and organizations. Seeking to understand their expertise, technologies, and what differentiates them. Considering what drives the researchers and artists and provide cost-conscious solutions.


Aiming to reveal the specific value of their research and development and making their results accessible to the public. Awakening curiosity to understand the true innovation shaping our lives.

Image: Kids interacting with a stereoscopic 3D short-film produced for the 3D theatre Deep Space, in Austria, on AI in medical imaging.


Contextualizing STEM Sciences

Involving the Next Generation, Humanities and the Arts

Expanding activities where science meets the arts, humanities, and fiction to explore post-disciplinary approaches and co-creation. Aiming to realize formats that engage both businesses and disadvantaged communities with scientists (STEM and humanities) and artists. Examining the impact of technology on individuals and on society. Involving the public, especially younger generations, letting them actively co-develop and promote science and the development of new technologies.

Image: At the 'STEAM Imaging' workshop, Copyright Martin Hieslmair

STEAM Imaging Pupils Workshop

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