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Strategic Science & Art Engagement for Co-Creation, Production, Knowledge Transfer & Innovation

Engaging the Public

Creating Artistically Charged Experiences on Significant Topics

Image: Visitors interacting with The BOX by Fiona Smith, the outcome of the residency STEAM Imaging V, at Inspace Gallery. Copyright @ChrisScott


Making Sense

Bringing Awe and Artistry

Image: The 360 half dome immersive installation shows blood flow in the heart, Copyright Fraunhofer MEVIS

Immersive Instllation Beaty of Blood Flow,  by Fraunhofer MEVIS team, Copyright Fraunhofer


Dynamic, Complex Topics and Science

Image: At the 'STEAM Imaging' workshop, Copyright Martin Hieslmair
'STEAM Imaging' workshop, Copyright Martin Hieslmair
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