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Strategic Science & Art Engagement for Co-Creation, Production, Knowledge Transfer & Innovation

“How can we create contemporary formats to build emotionally positive engagement with new technological developments and science and engage people in self-directed learning? How can we create more diverse and inclusive ownership of tech?”

Engaging the Public

Creating Artistically Charged Experiences on Significant Topics

Image: Visitors interacting with The BOX by Fiona Smith, the outcome of the residency STEAM Imaging V, at Inspace Gallery. Copyright @ChrisScott



Dynamic, Complex Topics and Science

PDF: Excerpts from field diaries of research interacting with whales: Copyright: Behr, Diez, Hofmann, Scheer
Video: We Flow into the World, and the World Flows into Us — The Beauty of Blood Flow; Copyright Marshmallow Laser Feast and Fraunhofer MEVIS

Making Sense

Bringing Awe and Artistry to Science and Technology

Image: The 360 half dome immersive installation shows blood flow in the heart, Copyright Fraunhofer MEVIS

Immersive Instllation Beaty of Blood Flow,  by Fraunhofer MEVIS team, Copyright Fraunhofer
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