Before Us Lies ETERNERDY

Production of an 2D, and stereoscopic 3D Short-Film

Director and Sci-Art Producer of the short film "Digital Medicine, Arts, and STEAM: BEFORE US LIES ETERNERDY," jointly with Alexander Köhn and Mathias Neugebauer


Recognized the second year in a row by the scientific documentary industry: winning the “Industry Award for Best Infographic” at the Raw Science Film Festival 2019 in Los Angeles.

The short-film offers an artistic, large-scale immersive experience in the stereoscopic 3D theatre Deep Space 8K and simultaneously at the Media Art Nexus. The project was realized at Fraunhofer MEVIS in collaboration with artists Ina Conradi and Mark Chavez, Media Art Nexus at NTU Singapore.


The movie shows different scales of the human body, from digitized microscopic lymphoma tissue examined with the molecular cytogenetic technique Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) to detect abnormal changes in DNA, to 3D reconstructions of two vessel systems of a liver used in patient-specific intervention planning as well as a whole-body MRI. It is based exclusively on real medical data.r

Image: The ETERNERDY shown at the Media Art Nexus in Singapore, Copyright Quek Jia Liang

The Artiscience Podcast

Producer of the new podcast series on Cultivating Artiscience

with host Colin Sanderson

Artiscience, -- briefly the integration and harmonising of arts and sciences, -- provides a world view (Weltanschauung), almost universally applicable. The Artiscience Podcast shall exhibit this in the diversity of topics it addresses.

Over time we plan to conduct discussions and interviews with diverse individuals on their personal experience of relations between arts and sciences in their own life, work and studies.  Some shall explore elementary relations, others much more complex and dynamic relations. Some shall deal with recent, current and forthcoming events, some with much deeper historical precedents, without knowledge of which our understanding of the modern world is diminished and even confused.


The Beauty of Blood Flow Analysis

Production of an 2D, 3D and 360° Short-Film

Director and Sci-Art Producer of short film "Beauty of Blood Flow Analysis," jointly with Alexander Köhn and Mathias Neugebauer


The short film received the Industry Award for Best Immersive Media at the Raw Science Film Festival, California. January 2018.


This film shows the dynamic reconstruction of the blood flow of a healthy human heart. It is a special vortex half-dome edit, based on a longer 3D stereoscopic version Virtual Journey Through The Heart I produced at Fraunhofer MEVIS for the Deep Space 8K, Ars Electronica Science Center.


New imaging methods for flow visualizations as shown are integrated into software assistants to help doctors determine how the blood flow changes due to heart diseases without using a catheter. They help calculate how the blood pressure and shear forces on the wall of the blood vessels change for patients with heart valve problems.


List of Winning Films


Image: 360 half dome edit, blood flow in the heart,  Copyright Fraunhofer MEVIS

Encounters, Interaction and Co-creation 

Linking Science and Technology with the Arts, Humanities and the Next Generation

Design and lead of the artist-in-residency program ”STEAM Imaging” as a conceptual framework for fostering meaningful cooperative engagement of scientists, school students, and artists to break down disciplinary boundaries and explore flexible forms of learning and cooperation, realized together with the mathematician Sabrina Haase, starting in 2017. 

Residency #3: Eli Joteva (US), 2020

We are delighted to announce the beginning of "STEAM Imaging III," our interdisciplinary exploration of digital medicine and the human body, jointly hosted with Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria, in collaboration with the International Fraunhofer Talent School Bremen and the UCLA ArtSci Center, Los Angeles, USA.

Residency #2: Jake Tan (SG), Ernest Wu (SG), 2019

STEAM Imaging II is an artist residency jointly hosted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Medicine MEVIS in Bremen, Germany, and Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria in collaboration with the International Fraunhofer Talent School Bremen

Residency #1: Yen Tzu Chang (TW), 2017

STEAM imaging is an artist residency jointly hosted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Medical Imaging MEVIS in Bremen, Germany, and Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria in collaboration with the International Fraunhofer Talent School Bremen within the European Digital Art and Science Network

Image: At the STEAM workshop, Copyright Martin Hieslmair

6. Pupils-Performance.jpg

An Image Man You Can Touch

Production of an Interactive Hands-On Exhibit

Project development of the project “Image Man,” a life-size figure that comprises ten segments produced at Fraunhofer MEVIS in 2015 for the Universum Science Center Bremen.


At the center of the installation is a touch screen showing the beating heart. By touching, visitors can interactively navigate through the results of different imaging methods. The body parts depicted on the segments were produced with different imaging methods.

Image: The interactive exhibit Image Man, Copyright Fraunhofer MEVIS


Poking Florian

Production of an Art Installation Explaining the Function of the Brain

Project development of the project ”Poking Florian,” an interactive installation produced in 2013, based on a furniture sized one, realized at Fraunhofer MEVIS in 2011, exploring 3D print material and analog-digital interfaces.

By touching the dots on Florian’s brain, the nerve fibers appear on the iPad and show which part of his body is controlled by them.

Image: The interactive installation Poking Florian, Copyright Ars Electronica

¥ C. Rieder, C. Brachmann, B. Hofmann, J. Klein, A. Köhn, D. Ojdanic, C. Schumann, F. Weiler and H. K. Hahn (2013). Interactive Visualization of Neuroanatomical Data for a Hands-On Multimedia Exhibit. EuroVis Workshop on Visualization in Medicine and Life Sciences (VMLS), Leipzig, Germany


Dance Performances

Exploring Body Language at the Intersection of Real and Virtual World

"Experience is only half of human existence. The others half is what hasn't been experienced, yet. Experience and possibilities are twins. Maybe the dance lives from raising these kids." Saburo Teshigawara


Image: Dance performance

Art Installation: Kami Arizuki

Create Free, Conscious, 
Lively Effects as Moving Artwork

”I'm not interested in how people move, but what moves them.”  Pina Bausch

Dancer and project developer for the usage of a moving sensitive software Kami Arizuki, including UX interaction concept, which allowed dancers to enhance their body appearance visually. It was the result of cooperation with the software architect Alexander Köhn in 2011. In several experimental settings together with performance dancers trained by Matthias Früh we explored the requirements and built a user interface to create different presets for the visual enhancements, the so called Kami.


The resulting exhibition ”Jetzt ist ein anderes Jetzt “ in cooperation with the photographer Hannah Klatt offered visitors the screening of my dance performance SELF and three moments: static experimental photographs; photographs that were brought into a state of movement and expanded into a virtual reality; and finally the appearance of the visitors themselves, who could virtually enhance their bodies, showing live at a wall, through their movements.

Image: Dance Performance Dream


Research in Body Language and Bioacoustics


Researcher on bioacoustics and body language in short-finned pilot whales. These research results have contributed to a code of conduct and specific protective measures for pilot whales in the Atlantic off the Canary Islands. I collected field data in 1994, 1996, 2001 and analysed and published the outcome of three field studies. During my studies (Biology, Diploma and Comparative Religion, Diploma) I focused on the evolution of communication, symbolic and ritual-symbolic communication, the biological roots of culture, language and religion and Inter-species interaction.


I developed and managed with my colleagues a program for children with a wide range of physical and mental impairments. To offer the liberating experience of hearing and feeling the sounds of dolphins underwater, without the need to travel out to sea. This includes the integration of underwater sound, aquatic bodywork and coaching for parents. Based on my previous scientific fieldwork, I recorded the sound of short finned pilot whales in the Atlantic Sea.

Image: A short-finned pilot whale, Copyright Behr, Hofmann, Scheer

¥ Hofmann, B., Scheer, M. & Behr, P.I. (2004). Underwater behaviors of short-finned pilot whales (Globicephala macrorhynchus) off Tenerife. Mammalia 68: 221-224.
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¥ I. P. Behr, H. Diez, B. Hofmann, M. Scheer, (Hrsg.) (2001): First Flow. Der erste Kontakt mit Pilotwalen, book on demand, easi publications
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¥ Scheer, M. Hofmann, B. & Behr, P.I. (1998a). Interactions between whale watching vessels and short-finned pilot whales (Globicephala macrorhynchus) off the southwest coast of Tenerife, Canary Islands: Behavioural implications. Reportto Viceconsejería de Medio Ambiente, 41 pages.
¥ Hofmann, B. (1998): Kann die verhaltensbiologische Beschreibung ritualisierten Verhaltens dazu beitragen, religiös ritualisiertes Verhalten zu verstehen? Interdisciplinary diploma thesis (Comparative Religion, Biology).