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Industry Award for Best Immersive Media

For the short-movie Beauty of Blood Flow Analysis, Raw Science Film Festival, California, January 2018. I received the award with my colleagues Alexander Köhn and Mathias Neugebauer.

Bianka Hofmann, Sabrina Haase, Alexander Köhn. Red Carped Raw Science Film Festival, Santa Barbara, 2018

This special 2017 vortex half-dome edit is based on the longer 3D stereoscopic immersive installation Virtual Journey Through the Heart which I produced for the Deep Space 8K, Ars Electronica Science Center.

It shows the dynamic reconstruction of the blood flow of a healthy human heart. New imaging methods for flow visualizations as shown are integrated into software assistants to help doctors determine how the blood flow changes due to heart diseases without using a catheter. They help calculate how the blood pressure and shear forces on the wall of the blood vessels change for patients with heart valve problems.

Image Copyright Fraunhofer MEVIS

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